The proposed DC Streetcar network will:

  • Serve all eight Wards
  • Comprise of 37 miles of streetcar lines
  • Include eight lines

Why Streetcars:

  • Provide an additional transit option for District residents
  • Promote more sustainable travel practices
  • Improve access to jobs
  • Connect neighborhoods and retail/commercial corridors
  • Encourage economic development

First Line:

  • Phase 2 of construction is underway for the H/Benning line. Crews are busy with the work necessary to make the corridor ready for streetcar service. This work will be completed in Fall 2013, at which point the streetcar vehicles will arrive on H Street and Benning Road to begin the testing process.


  • The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has three vehicles on hand, manufactured by Inekon
  • DDOT has three additional vehicles on order from United Streetcar

Inekon Streetcar



  • Streetcars and station stops are fully ADA-compliant and will offer level boarding
  • Level boarding helps ease access for passengers in wheelchairs, pushing strollers, or walking with bicycles

Riders’ Rights — Title VI

  • DDOT is seeking public comment on its proposed Title VI definitions, service standards and policies.
  • The draft Title VI policies, including the definitions of major service changes, disparate impact and disproportionate burden, are outlined on the Title VI Policies Handout.
  • Comment period runs from October, 6 2015 to November 13, 2015.
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