H/Benning Construction

Phase 2 of DC Streetcar construction along H Street/Benning Road started in December 2012 and will be complete this spring. About 80 percent of the work to make H/Benning streetcar-ready was completed during Phase 1 in 2011, during the Great Streets roadway reconstruction project. Testing of the DC Streetcar system began in December 2013 and will continue as construction is being completed. The current phase will make the H/Benning corridor ready for passenger service.

The DC Streetcar Team is hard at work along H Street and Benning Road on the last leg of streetcar construction. Over the next few months the team will complete final design, construction and testing for:

  • Car Barn Training Center (CBTC)
  • Final utility adjustments on Benning Road at 24th Street
  • Overhead Contact System (OCS) wires
  • Final roadwork for turnarounds/pocket tracks

As you know if you’ve been to the H/Benning corridor lately, the concentration of construction means the area can be congested, especially since System Integrated Testing of vehicles is also occurring. You can always find the latest construction notices about the project here.

Have a construction question? Call our 24/7 construction hotline at (202) 210-3700.

Construction Impact Areas

There are currently four construction “hot spots” along H/Benning, which we call Construction Impact Areas.

H/Benning Construction Impact Areas


Hopscotch Bridge – 3rd/H Streets NE

2014-03-19 OIW and Inekon cars at WT

This impact area features the construction for the Western Destination. The intersection of 3rd Street NE and H Street NE reopened for pedestrians and vehicular traffic in February. The construction of pedestrian ramps and other work will take place around the Union Station garage entrance during the spring. Short-term closures may continue through the spring to perform minor work that supports system integration and certification testing. 


Midline Substation – 12th/H Streets NE

Midline Substation

In May 2013, the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) approved the design (as seen above) for the Midline Station at the southwest corner of 12th and H Streets NE. The substation is adjacent to Khan’s Bar & Grill. The substation was installed in mid-October. Construction on the brick enclosure and façade treatments began in May 2014.


Pocket Tracks – 21st-24th Streets/Benning Road NE

2014-02-20 concrete curbs at PT 3

The pocket tracks will allow streetcars to enter and exit the Car Barn Training Center once the streetcar is up and running. Train control testing, storm filters, track tie-ins and utility work will be completed this spring.


Track Switches – 26th Street/Benning Road NE

Rail Switches

Streetcar track switches are being installed on westbound Benning Road. To facilitate this work, 26th Street was closed in late August and reopened in January.


Overhead Catenary System (OCS)

2014-02-20 NRSC-3 CBTC section insulator 3

Erection of the OCS poles, which hold wires that power the streetcars, was completed in late 2013. Stringing of contact wire from the OCS poles began in November 2013 and wrapped up in early 2014.

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To understand how construction is impacting the H/Benning corridor this week, check the latest construction notice. You can also sign up to receive H/Benning construction updates in your inbox as they’re published. As always, construction questions or concerns can be addressed to [email protected] or our 24/7 construction hotline, (202) 210-3700.


H/Benning Construction Photos

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