Parking Enforcement on H/Benning

Warning Ticket Campaign

DC Streetcar Parking Enforcement Began on July 14

Improperly Parked Vehicles on the H/Benning Corridor Are Being Ticketed

The District Department of Public Works (DPW) has begun ticketing and/or towing vehicles along H Street and Benning Road NE that are parked in such a way as to impede the path of the streetcar, including cars parked outside of the white lines and illegally double-parked vehicles. The District’s streetcar vehicles are scheduled to return permanently to the corridor this month for additional testing before passenger service begins.

The fine for vehicles blocking the path of the streetcar will be $100. At DPW’s discretion, vehicles may also be towed to clear the streetcar’s path and then relocated within the immediate neighborhood. Ticketing will be an ongoing occurrence along the corridor and is not expected to cease.

The DC Streetcar Team has been issuing “warning tickets” to vehicles on H/Benning that are improperly parked, to supplement enforcement. Outreach will continue in order to spread the word that DPW is now ticketing and to educate motorists about proper parking along the streetcar corridor. 
Be safe and smart when parking, and remember: #STAYWITHINTHELINES. 

For more information call202.210.3700.

Did you know?

District law prohibits parking, stopping or standing a vehicle on or within a streetcar guide-way or adjacent to a streetcar platform. A vehicle in violation of this law shall be subject to fine and removal or impounding. The streetcar guide-way is defined as the area where streetcars operate, including the concrete track slab the tracks rest on. 


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