Priority Streetcar System (22 Miles)




ALERT! The Integrated Premium Transit RFQ and pre-SOQ meeting materials are available in the Project Library.


As a way to prioritize its long-term streetcar vision, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) identified 22 miles within the approximately 37-mile proposed plan to be implemented first. In addition to meeting the goals of the District’s overall streetcar vision, this priority system system was established in order to:

  • Build upon segments currently in construction or planning;
  • Establish priorities for planning and scheduling purposes; and
  • Create a robust system with the maximum number of linkages.


Integrated Premium Transit 

On January 31, 2014, a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was released to firms interested in submitting Statements of Qualification (SOQs) to design, build, operate and maintain the Integrated Premium Transit (IPT) system. The IPT will be comprised of

  • A 22-mile Priority Streetcar system; and
  • Provision of all local bus services within the District including the provision of buses storage and maintenance facilities.

The IPT advances key elements of the District’s 30-year transit vision. The IPT will be developed in phases and is comprised of 22-miles of dual/single track fixed guideway, related equipment and facilities, and potentially up to 15 additional miles of fixed guided track. Additionally, the IPT encompasses all local bus services within the District. To meet the goals of DC’s Transit Future System Plan, the IPT builds upon segments currently in construction or planning, establishes priorities for planning and scheduling purposes, and creates a robust system with the maximum number of linkages. The incorporation of local bus services allows the District to provide transit services in a multi-modal, integrated and efficient manner.

“This design-build-operate-maintain procurement is an innovative way to deliver the integrated premium transit vision we have for the District in an affordable and efficient manner,” said DDOT Director Terry Bellamy.  “This delivery method allows us to continue providing innovative, safe and high quality and integrated transportation solutions to the District.”

As part of the IPT Program, new transit facilities and services will be added and existing facilities and services will be modified to meet forecasted ridership demands and economic growth within the District.  The IPT is expected to be developed in a number of phases with each phase being comprised of “Streetcar Segments” and “Bus Components.”

The procurement will be conducted as a two-step process with an RFQ followed by an RFP. Prospective proposers will be short-listed based upon their SOQ submissions evaluated against the extensive qualification criteria in the SOQ.  The specific limits of the IPT will be further specified in the Request for Proposals (RFP) which will be issued to the short-listed responding teams.

DDOT hosted an optional pre-SOQ workshop for interested proposer on Tuesday, February 18. Materials from this meeting – including the presentation, video, and sign-in sheets – are available in the Project Library.

A CBE/DBE event for this project and other DDOT mega-projects was held on February 19, 2014. The meeting presentation is also housed in the Project Library.

Questions regarding the RFQ may be submitted as indicated in the RFQ, using the e-mail address [email protected].  The RFQ and subsequent amendments are posted at the OCP website. SOQs are due by 2 p.m. on April 11, 2014.


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