Expanded Streetcar System (37 Miles)


Thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting on Wednesday October 22nd! If you couldn’t make it, we posted all of the boards in our project library, which you can see by clicking the button above.


The Expanded Streetcar System (ESS) consists of additional lines beyond the 22-mile priority system, with extensions that will reach all eight Wards and connect neighborhoods with new opportunities (it was previously referred to as the 37-mile system). The ESS was identified in the Streetcar System Plan (2014 Update) and serves as a technical refinement to the DC Transit Future System Plan (2010 Update). It is intended to achieve the following:

  • Incorporate recent planning, transportation, and development initiatives
  • Provide an operating strategy and implementation plan to support the vision
  • Identify expansion areas based on recent developments in or adjacent to the District
  • Develop an action plan and funding strategies for full system implementation


2014 System Plan Update Map 10072014 w HCT

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