Expanded Streetcar System (37 Miles)

Thank you to everyone who attended the public meeting on Wednesday October 22nd! If you couldn’t make it, we posted all of the boards and a presentation below.


Board 1- Cover

Board 2 – Summary with Purpose and Need

Board 3 – Why Streetcar?

Board 4 – System Plan Planning Process

Board 5 – DC Streetcar System Plan (2014 Update) Map

Board 6 – Car-Lite Households

Board 7 – Potential Stop Designs

Board 8 – Peak Service Demand

Board 9 – Priority Streetcar System Map



The Expanded Streetcar System (ESS) consists of additional lines beyond the 22-mile priority system, with extensions that will reach all eight Wards and connect neighborhoods with new opportunities (it was previously referred to as the 37-mile system). The ESS was identified in the Streetcar System Plan (2014 Update) and serves as a technical refinement to the DC Transit Future System Plan (2010 Update). It is intended to achieve the following:

  • Incorporate recent planning, transportation, and development initiatives
  • Provide an operating strategy and implementation plan to support the vision
  • Identify expansion areas based on recent developments in or adjacent to the District
  • Develop an action plan and funding strategies for full system implementation


2014 System Plan Update Map 10072014 w HCT

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