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 The public comment period ended on Friday, April 18th. The Anacostia EA and Section 106 report are available in the Project Library! Details included in the press release.

The Anacostia Streetcar Extension project is located in Ward 8’s Anacostia Historic District. In February 2014, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) & Section 106 Evaluation. This project is entering its final stage. As required by federal guidelines, DDOT began a month-long public review process on March 17.

Public comment period ended on Friday, April 18th. 

Study Area Map

Project Highlights

As the extension of the Anacostia Initial Line (AIL), which is located between the JBAB North Entrance and Howard Road SE at Firth Sterling Avenue SE, this project will bring the streetcar line to the foot of the 11th Street Bridge near Good Hope Road SE. It is part of the planned 22-mile Priority Streetcar System for the District.

This streetcar extension line, along with the AIL, will provide Anacostia residents, federal and local employees, and businesses with a modern, reliable, and environmentally friendly transit service. In addition to serving the transit needs in Anacostia, the streetcar construction and operation would help the District to support economic development in Anacostia – one of the District’s four development “hotspots” for future development. Streetcar will also help Anacostia strengthen its community identification and refocus on neighborhood issues. In conjunction with other endeavors initiated by the District and federal agencies, transportation infrastructure improvements are key components to making Anacostia a more sustainable community and attracting new activities to the area. By meeting these goals, Anacostia can become a Gateway to our Nation’s Capital.

Project Benefits

Enhance mobility and connectivity to the Anacostia  community

  • Anacostia has a high level of transit use
  • The streetcar network would improve access to jobs and educational opportunities
  • Improved transit connectivity could reduce traffic congestion

Support economic development opportunities

  • Serve Barry Farm (largest public housing community in the District of Columbia)
  • Assist Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and other private development projects in the pipelines

Foster environmental preservation and sustainability

  • Coordination among multiple federal agencies (HUD, EPA, DOT) in Anacostia
  • Improve quality of life and livability

Accommodate population and employment growth

  • Improve job access and open a new market for job growth to benefit local residents in Anacostia
  • Serve established and emerging federal and district employment centers (JBAB, US Coast Guard, US Department of Homeland Security, DHCD, etc.)


The EA compared the effects of building a streetcar alternative to relying on existing transportation improvements to meet future needs, called the No-build Alternative. Ten build alternatives and the No-build Alternative were evaluated for the Anacostia Streetcar Extension.  The following two build alternatives remain as candidates as the preferred alternative:

Alternative 4 (Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE/Shannon Place SE) would extend from the AIL northern terminus at Howard Road SE/Firth Sterling Avenue SE intersection along Howard Road SE connecting to the Anacostia Metro station, and then traveling northeast onto Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE. At Chicago Street SE the streetcar alternative would form a one-way loop on Chicago Street SE, Shannon Place SE, and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE.

Alternative 9 (CSX Railroad Double Track Alternative) would extend north from the AIL northern terminus at Howard Road SE/Firth Sterling Avenue SE intersection, enter the existing CSX railroad right-of-way at  Howard Road SE, and continue northeast toward the 11th Street Bridge approach where it would terminate at a station just south of Good Hope Road SE.                       

Providing Comments

Comments should be submitted to Senior Transportation Planner Circe Torruellas by email at [email protected], by phone at (202) 671-2847 or by mail at District Department of Transportation, 55 M Street, SE, Suite 500, Washington, DC, 20003. Comments can also be sent to [email protected].

The document will be available at the following locations for public review between March 17, 2014 and April 18, 2014:

Anacostia Neighborhood Library
1800 Good Hope Road SE
Washington, DC 20020

Southwest Neighborhood Library
900 Wesley Pl SW
Washington, DC 20024

DC Department of Housing and Community Development
1800 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20020

District Department of Transportation
Progressive Transportation Services Administration
55 M Street, S.E., 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20003

DDOT staff hosted a week-long public review session Monday, March 31 through Friday, April 4 at the Anacostia Neighborhood Library during library hours to accept comments and respond to questions/clarifications of the document during the release period.

Public comment period ended on Friday, April 18th. 

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