Communication During Construction and Safety Testing

Safety encompasses all aspects of the DC Streetcar system’s functions, including during construction. The DC Streetcar Team sends regular construction updates to those who wish to receive them. Special focus is given to those in the immediate construction area, including local businesses. Sign up to receive updates and download helpful safety tips here.

  • Be aware of activity as you approach construction zones.
  • Remove your earphones and pause your conversation.
  • Follow our safety tips to help prevent accidents. Accidents can be avoided!
  • Read more about DC Streetcar safety here.


Construction Zone Safety Tips

accessibility Construction zones are ADA compliant. Alternative routes are provided with clear signage. Sidewalks must be 3-feet wide allowing wheelchairs to pass through the area with ease.
icon_bikeandtrain_100 Bicyclists in a construction zone are urged to follow these safety tips:

  • Look for signage that alerts bicyclists of streetcar tracks. Plan ahead and take alternative bike routes during construction.
  • Walk your bike across the tracks near construction.
  • Be a safe cyclist. Wear a helmet while biking.
rideshare Directional signs will be in place to detour motorists around the work zone.

  • Slow down and do not pass while driving in a work zone.
  • Follow all warning devices in a work zone, such as signs, cones, drums, barricades, and message boards.
accessibility When walking near the Testing and Commissioning Site, pedestrians should use caution near South Capitol Street, where streetcar vehicles will occasionally cross.

  • Be aware of signs and flaggers who will guide you to safety.
  • Remove your earphones and pause your conversation when approaching work zones. The key to safety is to be alert.
electricity Streetcars are powered by electricity. Use caution when approaching a work zone where the overhead wire system is being installed.

  • The overhead wire or “catenary” is energized at 750v DC. Do not attempt to climb the poles, touch the wires, or throw things at them.
  • Remain 10’ away from live wires at all times.
  • Streetcar power substations are prohibited from entry for your protection. Electricity flows through the substation to the Overhead Catenary System of wires to supply power to the streetcars.


Bicyclists Map Your Route

Before you ride, consider using G, I, or Gales Street NE as an alternative to H Street and Benning Road NE, especially during rush hours. Map Your Route is a quick map resource for cyclists to choose alternate routes. It also includes DC Streetcar stops and Capital Bikeshare locations along the H/Benning Line.  Download a copy here.
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