Bike Safety

For bicyclists sharing the streets with streetcars can sometimes lead to problems. Bicycle tires getting stuck in the streetcar tracks is a common occurrence. Cyclists are more likely to crash when crossing the tracks at an angle less than 90 degrees. DDOT’s Jim Sebastian discusses bicycle safety in a DC Streetcar video:

Map Your Route is a quick map resource for cyclists to choose alternate routes. It also includes DC Streetcar stops and Capital Bikeshare locations along the H/Benning Line. Download a copy here.

Have a safe and enjoyable time as you travel along the H/Benning Line corridor. Follow our safety tips:

  • Be a safe cyclist. Wear a helmet while biking.
  • Avoid getting your wheel stuck. Cross tracks at a right angle, or just walk your bike across.
  • Consider an alternate route to using H Street and Benning Road NE. G and I Streets have contraflow
    bike lanes, allowing for two-way bicycle travel that is safer than riding parallel to the tracks on H. Gales
    Street NE is an alternate route to Benning Road.
  • When riding your bicycle on a sidewalk, slow down and yield to pedestrians.