Studies / Reports

Comprehensive Assessment on Streetcar Propulsion Technology – February 2017
This report assesses the feasibility of various non-aerial motive power technologies for streetcar propulsion in the District of Columbia.  This interim update report was submitted to DC Council on March 8, 2017, as required by the Transportation Infrastructure Amendment Act of 2010.

DC Streetcar Ridership Report – First Ten Days
The first ten days of DC Streetcar service are in the books – found out how we did!

Utilities Standard of Practice 2015 – version 1
The Utilities Standard of Practice covers the most commonly encountered utility issues. In the event that a unique resolution becomes necessary for an unusual condition that is not specifically or adequately addressed within the USP, a collaborative approach involving all affected stakeholders shall be initiated.

Comprehensive Assessment on Streetcar Propulsion Technology – July 2014
This report assesses the feasibility of various non-aerial motive power technologies for streetcar propulsion in the District of Columbia. Following Section A, background materials are compiled.

H/Benning Road Corridor Documents
Studies and reports related to H/Benning:

DC Streetcar Design Criteria – January 2012
The DC Streetcar Design Criteria provide a general framework and the basis for a uniform design for the proposed DC streetcar system. These guidelines will allow DDOT, agencies, consultants, planners, engineers and other professionals to develop preliminary and final designs for any streetcar project that might be undertaken by the District of Columbia.

Streetcar Land Use Study – January 2012
The Streetcar Land Use Study serves as baseline information which OP, DDOT and other involved agencies may use to make recommendations regarding the District’s streetcar system. As DDOT completes system planning for each corridor, extensive public outreach to local residents and businesses will take place. Final decisions for the system will ultimately be subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

DC Transit Future System Plan – April 2010
DC’s Transit Future System Plan establishes new, efficient, high-quality surface-transit network that supports community and economic development initiatives and connects residents and neighborhoods to employment centers, commercial areas, recreational facilities, and multimodal transportation hubs.

DC Transit Improvements Alternatives Analysis – October 2005
The DCAA is a comprehensive evaluation of surface transportation alternatives to meet the intra-city access and mobility needs of DC residents, employees and visitors. It is a multi-corridor, multimodal study of transportation alternatives used to define a network of efficient, high-quality surface transit access across the District, thereby offering additional connections between the existing Metrobus and Metrorail systems, as well as to key activity centers across the region.