Train Control Testing on H/Benning

DDOT discusses the train control testing process that’s happening on the H/Benning corridor!

Integrated Premium Transit pre-SOQ Meeting, 2/18/14

DDOT issued an RFQ for a 22-mile Integrated Premium Transit system on January 31, 2014. A pre-Statement of Qualifications meeting was held on February 18, 2014. More materials related to the RFQ can be found on and

DC Streetcar Delivery

On Friday, December 13, the first vehicle was delivered from the Testing and Commissioning site to H Street/Benning Road. This delivery marks another milestone in the historic return of streetcars to the District. The delivery of the vehicle was witnessed by cheering residents, businesses and families who are excited to see its return.

DC Streetcar Safety Video

DC Streetcar is in motion on H Street as it’s tested and certified for the opening of the system and regular operations. Testing during live traffic conditions is important to the certification process.  This new safety video introduces the system to users and offers tips and reminders on staying safe.  Look, Listen, Be Safe!

DC Streetcar Construction Update

For the last several months, DDOT and the streetcar team have been busy at work along H Street and Benning Road on the last leg of streetcar construction. Right now the team is performing final design and construction for several areas of the project, including streetcar turnarounds, the Car Barn Training Center, pole and overhead wire installation, track installation for turnarounds, pocket tracks, and final roadway.