DC Streetcar proposed Car Barn Training Center video simulation

Updated simulation and renderings of the proposed Car Barn Training Center at Benning Road and 26th Street NE. (Approved by the CFA and HPRB)

DC Streetcar on NewsChannel 8

DDOT’s own Ronaldo “Nick” Nicholson, Deputy Director and Chief Engineer, chats with NewsTalk’s Brianne Carter about DC Streetcar on Friday, March 8, 2013.

DC Streetcar Simulation Video – 1

Simulation of the DC Streetcar stopping on H St NE for passengers at 3rd St NE, then continuing up the Hopscotch Bridge, where it can later be seen coming back down the bridge.

DC Streetcar Simulation Video – 2

Simulation of the DC Streetcar stopping on the Hopscotch Bridge to unload passengers, who use the crosswalk to access Union Station.

DC Streetcar Vehicle Testing

Here is a video of our existing streetcars operating on their own power. The three vehicles have battery backup power for emergencies. Technicians from the manufacturer, Inekon, tested and assessed the condition of the streetcars for two weeks in April 2012 – getting them ready for service in 2013.