Benning Road Extension


The Benning Road Extension represents the eastern portion of the One City Line and will extend east across the Anacostia River from Oklahoma Avenue NE to the Benning Road Metrorail Station. This Extension will connect the Ward 7 residential neighborhoods in Northeast DC to the employment core in downtown and serve mixed-use development located along Benning Road. It will also provide access to the revitalized commercial district along H Street NE and Union Station via the H/Benning streetcar route.

A Feasibility Study for this extension was completed in Spring 2013, in advance of a formal environmental study. Materials from the two public meetings held during this study and the final report can be found in the Project Library.

An Environmental Assessment (EA) began in December 2013. Meeting materials from the 2014 public meetings are now available online in the project library.

For more information on the EA, you can also visit the project website.